Beautiful Dreamer

Original Title

By?tifuru dor?m?


There is an unproduced script called “The Dreamer” which has been around for a long time at the Sen sho University Film Study Group. One day, Sara (Sara Ogawa) says she saw the script in a dream. When she went to the same place as in the dream, she saw a projector, tape, and the script. She plays the tape but it was cut off in the middle.
Sara is the director, Riko (Riko Fujitani) is the producer, Kamio ( Fuju Kamio ) is the director of photography Uchida (Samafumi Uchida) is the recording engineer Shieri (Shirie Hirose) is the make up and hair and Morita (Kanro Morita) is the assistant director. They work hard to complete the movie But something m ysterious happens one after another it seems like someone tries to prevent them from finishing the movie...