Original Title

アンダルシア 女神の報復
Andarushia: Megami no houfuku

  • Release : Jun-25-2011
    Duration : 125min.


    Director : Hiroshi Nishitani (Midsummer's Equation)
    Original Story : Yuichi Shimpo (Amalfi)
    Screenplay : Junya Ikegami (THE BLOOD OF WOLVES)


    Yuji Oda (Bayside Shakedown)
    Meisa Kuroki (BEAUTIFUL WORLD)
    Erika Toda (code blue the movie)


In Amalfi, he took you from Rome to Naples.
In Foreign Service Agent Kosaku Kuroda he brought you from San Francisco to Tokyo
This summer...
Yuji Oda returns to the big screen as Kosaku Kuroda in ANDALUCIA!

In the tiny principality of Andorra in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France, an important Japanese investor has been found dead; murdered. Japanese diplomat Kosaku Kuroda (Yuji Oda) is in Paris preparing for an international conference when he is ordered to investigate. He soon crosses paths with two Japanese expatriates who are deeply involved in the death; one,a beautiful banker, Yuka Shindo, who discovered the body; the other, an Interpol investigator assigned to the case named Makoto Kotari (Hideaki Ito). The terrified Yuka is positive that her life is in danger while Kotari seems bent on keeping information from Kuroda. But the stalwart Kuroda nevertheless begins to uncover clues to a shadowy international crime conspiracy. As he picks his way through a web of elaborately-laid traps, Kuroda realizes that all the answers lie exposed in the bright light of Andalucia.