Hankyu Railway A 15-Minute Miracle

Original Title

阪急電車 片道15分の奇蹟
Hankyu densha


Hiro Arikawa’s (author of “Freeter Ie Wo Kau” and the “Library Wars” Series) Hankyu Densha is a timeless story, set on a commuter train, of the many shapes and forms of “love”. The popular novel with over 1,000,000 copies sold is now adapted to film!

The Hankyu Imazu Line is a crimson-colored, retro-style train line that runs for 15 minutes each way between Takarazuka and Nishinomiya stations. Random commuters are brought together on this train, all harboring frustrations and doubts about “love”.

An office worker who loses her fiance to a younger colleague.
A college student with an abusive boyfriend.
An old woman whose relationship with her family has become strained.
An ordinary housewife who exhausts herself trying to keep up with her high-flying friends.
A small-town girl and boy who are struggling to adjust to urban college life.
A high school girl who must juggle her relationship with an older man with her dream of going to college.

Within the confines of the train carriage,
their lives briefly touch each other before they move on again…

But small miracles of love are born through these brief exchanges.
Be bold and take a chance -- you may encounter a different landscape, embark on a different life. You may also find that someone very special is waiting for you.