Gothic & Lolita psycho

Original Title

Gosurori shokeinin


Go Ohara, the man whose expertise as an action stunt choreographer was used in Chanbara Beauty and Death Trance, has pushed the boundaries of genre with his latest movie!
Yoshihiro Nishimura and his team of special effects artisans were employed for the gore and special makeup effects. Here they outdo their previous international hits, Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl - the international film festival favorite that excited audiences in over 30 countries. Also engaged was Tsuyoshi Kazuno, a visual effects wizard who worked on genre movies such as RoboGeisha and Dogoo, the Prehistoric Girl. Gothic Lolita Psycho is non-stop with Ohara-style gut-wrenching action stunts in Japanese blood-spattering gore tradition.


I pronounce thee all innocent...so help me God.

TOKYO, the Year 20XX A.D.
Yuki(played by Rina Akiyama) lives peacefully with her father Jiro(played by Yurei Yanagi) and mother Kayako(played by Fumie Nakajima).
It all ends suddenly when a 5-member assassin group slaughters Kayako and cripples Jiro.
Why did they kill her mother? What did the assassins want of them?
Yuki turns into a merciless, remorseless angel of vengeance, clad in Goth/Lolita fashion, seeking to uncover the mystery.
One by one she kills the assassins...until she meets an imagination-defying destiny.

A bloody adventure of an avenging Gothic Lolita girl!
With an umbrella she makes pools of blood, avenging her mother!
Blood sprays and flesh flies! In violence and outrageous gags!
Finally, an event movie that will leave the world delirious!