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In the closed room, one by one is killed mysteriously.
By whom ? By what cause ??

This film, << enma>> is the third film of the stylish thriller series ; NEW GENERATION THRILLERS, challenging so-called << ultimate horror >>, following to the previous two films, << Prayer>> starring Tetsuji Tamayama, and << Booth >> starring Ryuta Sato, succesively released in the fall of 2005 with highly acclaimed review.

<< enma>> is directed by the new comer, Toshikzau Nagae, chosen out of many other talented directors, known for his outstanding directions in << Ghost System >>(02) and << Fugo Keiji >>(05)

The star of << enma>> is Takashi Tsukamoto, a very popular young actor who’s recent works in films, TVs and commercials are recognized as he is one of the best actors of present Japan, with the looks of an idol and prominent acting ability as well.

Co-starred are Narumi Konno of << Kakko No Kaidan >>(05), veteran actor Bengaru and Shigeyuki Sato of TEAM-NACS, who is now appearing in the popular TV drama << Suppli >> (aired Golden time every monday through Fuji Television Network). Sato is extremely popular now not only at his homeground Hokkaido but also nationwide, who also added to the film special depth with his unique existence.


Scramble crossings in Shibuya.

<< My plan will not fail. Nobody will try to help anybody. All will decay. Decay and rot from the center. And then one by one...they will start to die.>>

<< enma start >>
When Haruto woke up, he was lying in a hospital bed. There are bars on the windows, and the doors are locked.
There are five beds in the room, lying in each bed are five strangers.

A middle aged business man, an old man in his sixties, a young guy wearing a tattoo, a young woman and Haruto.

Nobody in there knows where there are. All strangers in the strange hospital room. They tried to trace their memory but the memory is very vague. Not a clear image is coming back to them except one thing.

That is -

- They were all in Shibuya -

They know they are trapped and try to escape from the room by the fear.
Then suddenly one of them died without a reason. When one touches the dead, he dies instantly. Then another, then another...

<< Why me ?? >>

One by one.

Haruto is now attacked by invisible horror. He has to get away from the room as quick as possible, as the next target should be HIM!!