Fun Fun Studio: Let's Catch The Switcheroo Mask!

Original Title

映画 おかあさんといっしょ すりかえめんをつかまえろ!
Eiga Okaasan to Issyo Surikaekamen o tsukamaero

  • Fun Fun Studio: Let's Catch The Switcheroo Mask!
  • Release : Jan-24-2020
    Duration : 65min.


Yay! Popular TV program FUN FUN STUDIO has been made into a movie!
Let’s sing and dance together!
How many questions on the quiz can you answer?
Around 60 minutes of fun for kids and their parents!


The Switcheroo Mask wreaks havoc!
His pranks that may change the world (?!) will have you on the edge of your seats!
Yoshihisa is having fun playing when he suddenly turns into an animal!! It’s a prank by the Switcheroo Mask and Switcheroo Girl. Their pranks keep getting bigger and bigger! Even Choromy, Mumu, and Galapico are switched with other things, and a mysterious character who knows the Switcheroo Mask’s secret also makes an appearance!
Help each other at the movie theater to catch the Switcheroo Mask and stop his pranks!