school daze

Original Title

Sukuru deizu


Aizawa Haruo (Moriyama Mirai) the genius child actor who made his name known debuting in the entertainment world at age zero, gets engulfed in his parent’s divorce rumors and regretfully retires at eight. Afterwards, his miserable real life is spent being bullied at school. Haruo makes a comeback as he enters high school passing the audition for a mega-popular television school drama “Growin’ Up! School Days”. But his drama role is just like his real life as the class nerd who gets bullied. He plays a mixed-up youth being schooled by Mr. Konoike, a fiery spirited teacher (Tanabe Seiichi). While holding a strong admiration and healthy imagination for fantasy towards his teacher in the drama, Haruo commands an important role in the show. But Haruo gets too absorbed in his role enjoying life in the drama more than in reality and gradually starts to confuse the borderline between reality and fiction. Then the real fun begins in this off-beat comedy that puts a new twist on and adds a grown-up sensibility to the youth drama genre.