Original Title

絶対恐怖 Booth ブース


sins, which must be atoned for.

A radio studio becomes the setting of a thriller when a hot personality hears a sinister voice whispering the word “liar". It is the voice of someone who wants to kill him…

Shingo Katsumata is the popular host of a late night radio program called “Tokyo Love Lines". One day, at the station, there was a sudden change of studios and he had to use a different, unfamiliar one. A studio which came complete with a legend, as back when the station first opened, an announcer died there, mysteriously.

This night Shingo's program began as usual with phone calls from listeners talking about problems with their love lives. The topic was “unpardonable words." He was listening to a caller, a grade school student, talking about her problems with boys and suddenly he heard eerie laughter and a different female voice whispering “liar".

Interference? If not, then what...? There was panic inside the studio but regardless the show had to go on. The accusing voice threatened Shingo on the air with suspicions, which recalled past betrayals and a young man's arrogance. It was as if Shingo had fallen victim to a curse and that he was being marked for death.


Taking on the ultimate thriller, star Ryuta Sato and director Yoshihiro Nakamura bring you betrayal, distrust, arrogance, suspicion, malice… and horror behind the studio door!!

Film terror has been taken to a new level. The trigger for the “NEW GENERATION THRILLER" has been pulled by an up-and-coming breed of filmmakers and actors. Ryuta Sato plays the lead, radio personality Shingo Katsumata. Sato is a distinguished and popular young actor and has acted in such movies as “Kisarazu Cat's Eye  ̄Japan Series ̄" (‘03) directed by Fumiki Kaneko, “Lorelei" ('04) directed by Shinji Higuchi, in the TV drama “Umizaru" and in the hot DVD “THE 3". Hijiri Kojima, star of “Koi No Mon (Otakus in Love)", “Umineko" and “Install" famous in Japan for her bravura performances and beguiling film presence. “Booth" also features Mansaku Ikeuchi, Makoto Ashikawa, Maiko Asano and Masaki Miura. The theme is by Kemuri, Japan's leading ska-core band.

“Booth" is written and directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura, well regarded as a fresh screenwriting talent having penned several movies such as Hideo Nakata's “Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara (Dark Water)" and Yoichi Sai's “Quill". Additionally, he received acclaim as a director for his work on the segment, “Kumo Onna" for the Japanese TV horror anthology masterpiece, “Nihon No Kowai Yoru" ('04 TBS). In “Booth", a closed radio studio becomes replete with betrayal, distrust, arrogance and suspicion. View the shocking depiction of how malice summons a curse.