Original Title

絶対恐怖 Pray プレイ


Taking on the ultimate thriller, star Tetsuji Tamayama and director Yuichi Sato portray a tragedy at an abandoned school, shadows of the heart and “love"…

Film terror has been taken to a new level. The trigger for the "NEW GENERATION THRILLER" has been pulled by an up-and-coming breed of filmmakers and actors. Tetsuji Tamayama plays the lead Mitsuru, who also appeared in Director Eiichiro Hasumi's “THE ALL-OUT NINE 〜Field of Nightmares〜" and Director Kentaro Otani's “NANA". “I wanted to create a whole new brand of thriller," says Tamayama, who skillfully portrays a kidnapper with a dark past.
Asami Mizukawa of “The deep red" directed by Takashi Tsukinoki and veteran actor, Fumiyo Kohinata play supporting roles. AI, who has captured many fans with her unique vocal talent, contributes to the theme song “QUEEN." This is the first theatrical release for the director, Yuichi Sato, who has directed the popular Fuji TV dramas, “Boku no Ikiru Michi" and “Waterboys." Sato has deftly portrayed “the one unforgetable love" through the terror and tragedy experienced by the lead character, Mitsuru.


Mitsuru (Tetsuji Tamayama) and Maki (Asami Mizukawa) kidnap a young girl and hide out in an abandoned school. If they get the ransom money as planned, it will buy them the drugs… and the ticket out of their stagnant lives.
But Mitsuru makes one gross miscalculation. Their hostage, Ai Shinohara, already died one year ago.
Strange sounds echo through the hallways. The girl disappears and reappears.
One by one, the kidnappers die bizarre deaths, their wrists severed from their bodies.
“Who…are you?"
The mysterious girl slowly extricates the deeply buried memories of one man's tragic past…