Hideshi Hino's Theater of Horror

Original Title

Kaiki Gekijyo

  • Hideshi Hino's Theater of Horror
  • Release : Dec-4-2004
    Duration : 52min.


    Screenplay : Kiyoshi Yamamoto (END CALL)


Who is Hideshi Hino?
Hideshi Hino is the legendary Japanese cult/horror animator whose work has been translated into English and is reaching readers around the globe. But Hideshi Hino is not for the faint of heart. The images on his book covers alone have given young children nightmares. Many screenwriters have been influenced by his work, and several have attempted to adapt them to fil. To date, none have been successful in depicting the pathos and spiritual depravity behind the repulsive images of decomposing bodies, bizarre diseases, deformed children...
Finally, six talented directors have succeeded in capturing Hino's essence and bringing it to the screen.
The first night's roster is comprised of director Yoshihiro Nakamura ("Honogurai mizuno sokokara" (Dark Water) screenplay), Mari Asato ("Ring" Hiroshi Takahashi, screenplay) and Koji Shiraishi ("Hontouni atta! Noroi no Video Series, director). Popular actors from TV and commercials will recreate classic Hino characters such as "Lizard Baby", "Dead Girl Walking", and "The boy from Hell". Three tales of terror as told by three distinctly original directors...
Keep your eyes peeled. If you can...