Moonlight Jellyfish

Original Title

Munnraito jeriifisshu


“Jellyfish.” In Chinese characters, it is written “a moon on the sea.” A moon on the sea keeps floating and drifting, seemingly with nowhere to go. Yet these creatures can sting, creating enormous pain to whatever they may come into contact.

“Moonlight Jellyfish” is a stylish presentation using visual elements such as the moon, the sun, the ocean and jellyfish as threads throughout the story.

The younger brother suffers a disease without a cure. The older brother chooses to live in the dark side of the society, dedicated to support his younger brother. The older brother meets a woman, like a sun, who opens him up to true love. “Moonlight Jellyfish” is a tragic yet beautiful love story.


Seiji (23 years old) lost his parents in his boyhood, left alone to look after his brother Michio (15 years old) who suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a rare disease without a cure. To survive, Seiji turned himself into a Yakuza, a member of a gang in Kabukicho, a dark neighborhood.
They are an older brother who refuses to walk the bright side of the world, and a younger brother who literally is unable to walk under the sun. They had been doing all right without really connecting with society, until Seiji fell in love with Keiko (21 years old), Michio’s nurse. Seiji started to reconsider his life, and he seemed to be moving into the right direction to start walking under the sun.

Yet fate had decided otherwise, pushing Seiji to the darkest side of destruction.