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International star, Takeshi Kaneshiro, PLUS the pride of Japan's visual effects world, Takashi Yamazaki EQUALS stylish, action entertainment.

A solitary killer-for-hire, trusting nothing but his own strength, putting his faith in nothing, not even the future.

A mysterious, young girl with sadness in her past and a burning hope for the future.

A cold-blooded killing machine, living only to spread death and destruction. The antithesis of Milly's hopes.

These three characters form the basis for director Yamazaki's striking new story, "Returner". Miyamoto is to be played by the actor Takeshi KANESHIRO, now famous worldwide for a number of Asian-based hit films. In Japan, he is familiar to audiences from for the 2000 release, "Space Travellers". "Returner" marks the end of his two year absence from Japanese screens despite being offered over 20 different projects. It seems he selected this film after being impressed by both the freshness of director Yamazaki's vision in his previous movie, "Juvenile" and the originality of the "Returner" script.
The vital role of Milly, goes to Ann SUZUKI. Although only 15 years old, she has already achieved renown both at home and abroad after her auspicious start in Yamazaki's "Juvenile". She so impressed the director that he wrote the role of Milly specifically with her in mind.


"Why should we give a damn about the future"

The "Returner", Miyamoto, acting on tip-offs from his clients, infiltrates deep into the recesses of the black market, steals big scores of non-traceable cash, then as quickly as he gets in, hands the money on to his clients. He is unbeatable in combat but his past harbors a darkness; as a young orphan, his bosom buddy was murdered by persons unknown. While working as the "Returner" his heart is sworn to revenge and the quest for the murderers of his friend is never far from his mind.
Yokohama, Bayside. On one of his trips to the underworld, he comes across a man who controls the entire black market. This is Mizoguchi, (Goro Kishitani), unforgettable to Miyamoto, as the man who killed his best friend. Boiling with fury, he lets loose his anger and takes on Mizoguchi. In the furious combat that follows, Mizoguchi manages to give Miyamoto the slip. As the smoke clears, it is apparent that Miyamoto has mistakenly shot an innocent young girl, mixed up in the crossfire. Fortunately, her life is not in danger and "Milly" as she is known, turns out to be a potential client looking to engage Miyamoto for a very special job indeed.
"I'm here to save the future"

"We've only got two days left. Something is going to happen to ruin the world as we know it. I've got to stop it. That's why I've journeyed here from the distant future."
Surprised by her sudden outburst, Miyamoto doesn't know what to make of Milly. That is, until she demonstrates an inexplicable power brought with her from the future, right in front of his eyes. He chooses to listen to her and little by little comes to understand her story. Also, he begins to recognize something in her wild eyes that reminds him of himself and the pain of his own past. He takes it upon himself to protect this girl. In turn, Milly senses the decency behind Miyamoto's tough exterior and they start to bond.
Now, with only two days in which to turn certain despair into a future of hope, they set out on their quest.
Now, with only two days in which to turn certain despair into a future of hope, they set out on their quest.
"I'm going to destroy your pathetic hope for the future"

However, Mizoguchi, their arch-rival is moving one step ahead of them and lies in wait. Just what is it he plans? Miyamoto is sworn to revenge. Milly is committed to the future. These various threads come together in an unforeseeable way as events unfold with blinding speed and their three intertwined fates reveal the true meaning of "Returner".