Chinese Dinner

Original Title

CHINESE DINNER(チャイニーズ・ディナー)
Chainizu dina


In the closed banquet room of a posh Chinese restaurant, its owner and a mysterious hitman play out a game of life and death. Becoming hunter and prey, neither can escape the room without killing the other.

Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi, crowned "revolutionary child of the audiovisual image," uses daring camerawork and stylish mise-en-scene to create an action-filled psychological thriller.


A man clad in black enters the banquet room of a posh Chinese restaurant. His name: Ryuichi Hoshino. At a glance, he's just an owner of a Chinese restaurant, but in fact his underworld connections with gangster group Kyokusuikai allow him the power to move black money, by blackmailing firms and laundering bad bonds. Today he plans to have dinner here, while waiting for a 9 pm phone call from political party Minjito's keyman Tamura. It's the finish of a lucrative deal that took a whole year to negotiate. If he pulls it off, it's a cool 5 billion yen. He can already smell the sweet scent of success. This will surely please the don of Kyokusuikai who took him under his wing.

Hoshino sits down at the dinner table and reaches out for his wine glass with a sense of fulfillment. Suddenly, he starts. He feels an icy gaze piercing him--in this room where he is supposed to be alone. As he begins to move towards the source of this gaze, a lone man with a gun appears before him. Obviously the man is here to kill him. But why…?
The man offers, "Shall we start our meal?" Why doesn't he shoot now? The banquet begins, as if playing with the minutes until death.

The mysterious man toys daringly with Hoshino's life, while Hoshino watches for his chance to turn the tables. Two shrewd survivors of the cutthroat underworld compete in a life-or-death struggle inside the four walls of a closed compound. And an unknown truth is revealed…
Becoming hunter and prey, the two men are destined to a fate in which neither can escape without killing the other.
The countdown to death continues…