Original Title

Gosuto shisutemu


A Record of Communication with the Dead

1952. The Italian priest, Father Gemilli Hears his the voice of his dead father on a magnetophone while recording a Gregorian chant.
1973. American paranormal researcher, George Meek, invents an electronic device called "Spiricom", which makes the voice of spirits audible to human ears.
1985. Mr. Klaus Schreiber of Germany employs a unique method of connecting video to television and succeeds in capturing 5 frames of video of his daughter who passed away 20 years ago.
1994. Spaniards, Jose Garrido and Alfonso Galeano capture and record a number of ghosts on video.
5 years later in 1999, they conduct another experiment in front of a crowd of close to 100 people in a Barcelona square where they succeed in capturing a variety of paranormal phenomena on video.
And then...

"Ghost System" Project Prospectus
If you had a machine that could summon spirits of the dead, who would you want to meet? Well, there is a system that can reunite you with those you've lost: family members, friends or lovers. But one word of caution...

Project Background
The horror film boom shows no signs of waning. In fact, its popularity continues to grow. The bone-chilling computer game and full-length feature movie, "Bio-Hazard," and the Hollywood remake of the Japanese horror phenomenon, "The Ring," were both global hits, the latter earning over 100 million dollars at the box office. With Japanese horror now beginning to earn worldwide attention and acclaim, here comes "Ghost System."
The barrier between life and death has been destroyed

Why do people have to die? Will the afterlife forever elude science? Death persists as the quintessential mystery to life? Its mystery has instilled fear, demanded reverence and permeated the thoughts and actions of mortal Man throughout Time. And so it is the theme of "Ghost System."


A scientist devises a system that enables one to access the thoughts, or "ghosts," of the dead.
The dead coming to life...
The fear born from their communion...
And eventually...
the destruction of all that separates life and death.

A Breeding "System"
The "Ghost System" was designed to grow and expand to a variety of "horror genre" delivery channels: the Internet, Movies, Publications and Games. In fact, "Ghost System" is already breeding.