Three Nobunagas

Original Title

3-nin no Nobunaga


In the year Eiroku 13 (1570), after the battle of Kanagasaki, Kanbara Ujinori and ex-members of the Imagawa Clan were hiding out in a ghost town, aiming to kill the powerful feudal lord Oda Nobunaga during his retreat.
The remnants of the Imagawa Clan were looking for their chance to get revenge on the very man who destroyed them in a past battle. They succeed in capturing him, however not only one, but three Nobunagas!
Two out of the three must be a double. If they came back with the head of a double, the Imagawa Clan would be a laughing stock. In order to maintain the honor of their clan, Ujinori and his men devise all sorts of ways to determine the real Nobunaga. But the three captives also pitch themselves as the real Nobunaga in order to protect their lord.
The Nobunagas who all sound very much like what rumors say about him, have the Imagawa Clan baffled.
And so begins the fight for pride, in a humorous and humanly strategic battle!