JUN KASAI Crazy Monkey "KYO-EN"

Original Title


  • JUN KASAI Crazy Monkey "KYO-EN"
  • Release : May-28-2021
    Duration : 107min.


    Director : Jun Kawaguchi (Kokorono)


    Jun Kasai

The spectacular life of Jun Kasai – the charismatic King of the Deathmatch
The name " Crazy Monkey " is spoken with respect for the charismatic King of the Deathmatch, Jun Kasai (46)


Since his 1998 debut, Jun Kasai has taken the 21st century deathmatch scene by storm as the “Third Generation Deathmatch King.” He has dominated the professional wrestling world in Japan and abroad on name recognition, popularity, and pure charisma. As his nickname “Crazy Monkey” suggests, his insane, spectacular impact in the ring has earned him the popular title of “Deathmatch Charisma.” Kasai staged a self-produced event on Christmas Day 2019 before taking long-term leave to recover from injuries suffered during the summer involving herniated lumbar and cervical discs. He vowed to make a comeback in 2020 following his rehab, but the unprecedented global pandemic plunged the entire entertainment industry into a downturn, and the ring remained without its “King.” After the state of emergency was lifted on June 10 and with many entertainment groups still hesitant to hold public events of any kind, FREEDOMS staged a live audience event. This would be the long-awaited “Day of Resurrection” of the Deathmatch King, but what the fans witnessed was a completely different world of professional wrestling.
This film will follow the professional wrestling life of Jun Kasai as well as highlight his most powerful, impactful and memorable deathmatches. It will also portray another, lesser known side of Jun Kasai – his love for his family and his unaffected lifestyle that has earned him the respect of his peers and the love of his passionate fans. His remarkable professional wrestling career will be revealed through vital testimonies from people who know him best.


Exchanging blows with fluorescent lights. Slicing arms with razor blades. Piercing heads with bamboo skewers. Throwing opponents down on glass and thumbtacks, or sometimes even metal pinholders. Jumping off a 6-meter-high balcony of the Korakuen Hall…
It sounds insane, but this is just a sample of the many death-defying moves performed in a deathmatch.
The extreme violence, weapons and bloodshed which are the default for this sport can never be aired on TV. It’s a bizarre world you will never see unless you go to the arena to watch it live. Only a handful of professional wrestlers will set foot in the world of the “deathmatch.” A world where the King, Jun Kasai, reigns supreme.

  • JUN KASAI Crazy Monkey "KYO-EN"
  • JUN KASAI Crazy Monkey "KYO-EN"
  • JUN KASAI Crazy Monkey "KYO-EN"
  • JUN KASAI Crazy Monkey "KYO-EN"