NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-

Original Title


  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • Release : December 2022
    Duration : 84min.
    Genre : Drama


    Directed by : Takehiro Shindo (Girls Don't Cry)


    Hikaru Makishima (The Prince of Tennis -3rd season)
    Masato Wada

A movie based on totally original script regarding “Pet Detective” is completed!


[NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-] depicts witty conversation and friendship of men,featuring cats, turtles and guinea pigs.

The director Takehiro Shindo is known for [Girls Don't Cry] (2018)
The leading role Nekozuka is played by Hikaru Makishima,
a stage actor of the musical plays such as [The Prince of Tennis -3rd season] and [Touken Ranbu].
His buddy detective Saruwatari is played by Masato Wada, a veteran actor on stage, TV dramas and movies.

The beautiful cityscape of Enoshima (Shonan district in Japan),
is no doubt another protagonist of this movie.

Get ready for the heart-warming experience [NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-] will deliver to you!


Nekozuka (Hikaru Makishima) is searching for his cat, Mimi,
who disappeared from the beach in Shonan.
Saruwatari (Masato Wada) runs a pet detective agency based in Shonan.

One day, Nekozuka visits Saruwatari's office to ask for help in finding Mimi,
and they decide to search for Mimi together.
Saruwatari finds Mimi, who’s making the Suzumata couple happy.
Nekozuka gently watches over the Suzumata couple & Mimi with tenderness.
He thinks Mimi is a cat that saves all kinds of people.

However, Nekozuka is penniless and cannot pay for the pet investigation,
so he has to pay back with his labor.
Then, a boy named Yuta comes to "Pet Detective Saruwatari”.
Saruwatari turns him away because he is a child. Nekozuka rebels against him.

In fact, Yuta's parents are in the middle of a divorce settlement.
Nekozuka, whose parents are also divorced, can imagine how Yuta feels about it.
With Yuta's help, Nekozuka, a rookie pet detective,
goes in search of Yuta's cat, Gonta.
Saruwatari warmly watches over him secretly.

And when Gonta is found,
a miracle happens to Yuta’s family, Nekozuka and Saruwatari...

  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-
  • NEKOMIMI –Seaside Pet Detective-