Insomniacs after school

Original Title

Kimiha houkago insomunia

  • Insomniacs after school
  • Release : June 2023
    Duration : 117min.
    Genre : Drama


    Director : Chihiro Ikeda


    Nana Mori (The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House)
    Daiken Okudaira (My Small Land)


Insomniacs after school, the iconic comic by the youth comic master Makoto Ojiro ( is now coming onto a screen as a live-action movie!

Isaki Magari, a high school girl suffering from insomnia, is played by Nana Mori, who starred in the NETFLIX drama series, The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House, with Hirokazu Kore-eda serving as director, writer, and showrunner. A high school boy who also deals with insomnia, Ganta Nakami, is played by Daiken Okudaira, who won the 44th Japan Academy Film Prize for his performance in MOTHER (2020, directed by Tatsushi Omori).

Starring two of the most up-and-coming, talented young actors in the Japanese film industry, it brings out the masterwork of a coming-of-age movie to the world as we speak. With these fresh faces, the director Chihiro Ikeda, renowned for her TV drama series Towako Omameda and Her Three Ex-husbands, depicts dazzling youthful days on the big screen. The accomplished supporting actors surrounding the main characters, Isaki and Ganta, include Yuki Sakurai, Minori Hagiwara, Haruka Kudo, Yoichiro Saito, Tomoko Tabata, Denden, MEGUMI, and Masato Hagiwara.

The film is shot in Nanao City in Ishikawa Prefecture, where the comic is mainly set, from July to August in 2022. The talents of these young actors embody the main characters’ feelings that delicately waver as Ikeda directs them in a beautiful atmosphere of the location surrounded by the ocean and mountains. Their powerful feelings for each other will awake a heart-throbbing memory in your youth. Here begins an exceptional movie experience with the story that will cuddle you on sleepless nights.


Ganta Nakami is a freshman in high school in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture. He lives depressed and isolated while unable to tell his father, Riku, about his insomnia. One day, Ganta runs into his classmate, Isaki Magari, in the school observatory. As Ganta finds out Isaki also suffers from insomnia, they start sharing their secrets. The observatory has become a special place where the two insomniac teens feel at ease. However, their unpermitted use of the observatory comes to light accidentally. Refusing to give up the place, the two decide to obtain official permission to use the observatory by restoring the astronomy club, which has been inactive. For a start, they ask for help from their classmates, Ms. Kurashiki, the teacher in charge of the astronomy club, and their alumna Shiromaru, who used to be in the club.