Takumi-kun Series: The Dawn of the Long Tales

Original Title

Takumi kun series: Nagai nagai monogatari no hajimari no asa

The beginning of Takumi and Gii’s sparkly days


Over 15 years since the first 2007 film adaptation of the Takumi kun Series, a popular “boys’ love” novel series with over 5 million copies in print, a new series has been launched with a new cast and story. The film is a combination of three titles from the Omnibus Edition 1 of the original novels—Akatsuki wo Matsumade (tr. Until I Wait for the Dawn), Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite (tr. And Then, I Whisper into the Spring Breeze), Nagai Nagai Monogatari no Hajimari no Asa (tr. The Dawn of the Long Tales). It portrays Takumi’s encounter with Gii on the day of Shido Academy’s entrance exam and the beginning of their sparkly days.

Takumi Hayama, one of the main characters, is played by Shion Morishita, a new actor stepping into the spotlight in 2023, who will be playing Marehiko Itsuki in MUSICAL THE PRINCE OF TENNIS 4th SEASON SEIGAKU vs ROKKAKU. Giichi Saki (Gii), the other main character, is played by Daigo Kato, who is a musician as well as a cast member of musicals Touken Ranbu and HYPNOSIS MIC Division Rap Battle Rule the Stage. Other fresh talent in the cast adds vibrance to Shido Academy, namely Satsuki Nakayama of Kamen Rider Zero One as Izumi Takabayashi; Rio Takahashi, who models for magazine MEN’S NON-NO, as Shozo Akaike; Yusuke Noguchi of Hi☆Five as Toshihisa Katakura; Souta Uemura, an actor popular with teenagers, as Michio Yoshizawa; Ryunosuke Nagashima, who performed in HYPNOSIS MIC Division Rap Battle Rule the Stage, as Kei Aso; Kosei Tsubokura from a play called Promise of Wizard as Kenji Suzuki; and Tsubasa Kizu, who acted in the stage adaptation of Tokyo Revengers, as Arata Misu.

Screenwriter Hiroko Kanasugi and Director Kenji Yokoi, the same duo from the previous film who know the Takumi kun Series inside and out, are back together again. With a new screenplay and a new cast, they light the torch to the beginning of a beautiful, sparkly Takumi kun Series.


On the day of Shido Academy’s entrance exam, Takumi witnesses Gii for the first time--
That day, Gii (Giichi Saki), who stands out in a crowd with his striking presence, walks past Takumi Hayama in the hallway. Takumi is mesmerized by Gii’s exotic, attractive appearance. When school starts, Takumi is treated like a freak by his classmates because of his fear of touching and being touched by other people. But Takumi manages to get by, thanks to Toshihisa Katakura, his only good friend and roommate in the dorm. However, the peaceful days don’t last very long. In the library, third-year student Kei Aso asks Takumi to participate in the campus “shrine hunt” event with him. Izumi Takabayashi, who’s head over heels in love with Gii, and students who idolize Takabayashi start picking on Takumi. When Takabayashi realizes that his beloved Gii not only shrugs him off but is also interested in Takumi the freak, he gets consumed with jealousy and masterminds an attack on Takumi.
Spring comes, and Takumi and Gii are now second-year students. They’re assigned to the same room in the dorm, and their relationship gets much closer. Then Takabayashi makes another move and drives Takumi into a corner. Gii realizes Takabayashi’s plot and tries to save Takumi, however... And thus starts Takumi and Gii’s long, long sparkly story.