Restaurant from the Sky

Original Title

Sora no resutoran


"Restaurant from the Sky" is a story about "People" and "Food" in the great wilderness of Hokkaido and depicts the "Way of life" in the region. Staring in the film is Yo Oizumi and plays Wataru who is running a ranch and also struggling to make good cheese. Manami Honjo will play his wife and Masaki Okada will play a young sheep ranch owner. The film will be directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa who directed "The Chart of Love" and "TWILIGHT: Saya in Sasara". The story is set in "Setana" Hokkaido at a beautiful ranch with ocean view. The local people will gather their special food and work hard to open a one day restaurant. And in the course of their challenge they find happiness to help one another and realize that they can't live alone.
Saying ITADAKIMASU (Japanese word for showing appreciation for food) with the ones you love will make you happy, also sharing delicious food will make you happy.
This is a story inspired by a real organic cattle farming group called "Yama no Kai".


Wataru lives happily with his wife, Kotoe, and daughter, Shiori, in Setana, Hokkaido. He runs a cheese factory and raises cattle on a ranch with a view of the ocean that he inherited from his father.
His cheese-making skills are still mediocre, so he is constantly getting scolded by his strict master.
But Wataru enjoys a good life with a group of like-minded friends that are always there for each other.
Then Kanbe, a young shepherd from Tokyo, joins their circle, and the friends find pleasure in "good food" that they produce themselves and share with one another.
Then one day, a chef from a famous restaurant in Sapporo, who is attracted by their food, pays them a visit. They are ecstatic that their products are made even more delicious by this chef, and together they start planning a one-day-only restaurant to spread their joy to other people.