Swimming in a Sand Pool

Original Title

Suishin Zero Meter Kara

The commencement of our authentic summer emerges, from the depths of this pool.


●The new feature film from Nobuhiro Yamashita the director of "Linda Linda Linda", "Let's Go Karaoke!"
●Originally, this work was a play created by a high school girl who won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Award. She will also be writing the script for the feature film. A fresh perspective from the new generation!
●Starring fresh talents Saki Hamao, Reia Nakayoshi, Mikuri Kiyota, Sumire Hanaoka


It’s summer vacation and second-year high school students Kokoro and Miku are instructed by their P.E. teacher, Yamamoto, to clean the pool as a penalty for missing a class.
The empty pool is covered with sand that has blown in from the nearby baseball field.
While they reluctantly sweep the sand, Chizuru, a classmate and member of the swim team and Yui, a third-year ex-swim team member, join in to help.
They chat randomly about school, love and make-up, but gradually their anxieties and worries begin to spill over with intersecting emotions.
A coming-of-age ensemble that begins at the bottom of a swimming pool…