The Crescent Moon with Cats

Original Title

Mikazuki to Neko

It's a story of three lost adults and their beloved cat, gradually filling up like the waxing crescent moon.


"First Annual 'anan Cat Manga Grand Prize' Winning Work, 'Moon and Cats' by Uozumiami, to be Adapted into a Live-Action Film.
Not lovers, not a family, but three cat-loving individuals with diverse backgrounds share a life together. Akari, a single woman in her 40s working at a bookstore, Kanako, a psychiatrist in her 30s, and Jin, a 20-something working at an apparel shop, all live harmoniously with their beloved cat, Mikazuki. For Akari, who has led an ordinary life in Kumamoto, this is the most extraordinary life she's ever experienced, yet it is filled with joy. A heartwarming tale of three lost adults and their adorable cat, living together on the path to a fulfilling life, like the waxing crescent moon.
Starring the vibrant Yumi Adachi, celebrating her 40th year in the entertainment industry, alongside Kana Kurashina, a versatile actress hailing from Kumamoto, and the promising young actor Keisuke Watanabe. The supporting cast includes highly acclaimed figures in the film industry such as Satomi Kobayashi, Takashi Yamanaka, and Ruka Ishikawa.
The screenplay and direction are entrusted to the noteworthy female director Naho Uemura, known for her recent work on the screenplay of the film 'Ichiko.' This marks her commercial film directorial debut.
Adding to the film's charm, Homecomings will provide the theme song. Their original composition, 'Moon Shaped,' gently envelops the narrative.


After the Kumamoto earthquake, Akari, a bookseller, Kanoko, a psychiatrist, and Jin, an apparel store clerk, found solace in each other's company and decided to live together. Despite their varying ages, professions, and backgrounds, they all share a deep love for cats.
Akari cherishes their "unusual life, gathering with the three of them." Jin expresses contentment, feeling he is "living a most decent life," and Kanoko, initially hesitant to share living space, now feels "very stable." Together, with their feline companions, they create a harmonious and healing living environment where peace of mind is easily found.