The Secret of The Black Dahlia

Original Title

Kokuch? no himitsu


Outstanding young stage and screen actor Toshiyuki Someya stars in his first mystery horror movie.
The female lead is played by stunningly beautiful Erena Mizusawa. The star-studded cast includes Yuichi Nakamura from the Kamen Rider series, and former AKB48 member Mariya Nagao, with veteran actors Ryo Iwamatsu and Jun Miho bringing an eerie atmosphere to their supporting roles.
As he loses himself under psychological pressure, Toshiyuki Someya's performance will delight hardcore mystery horror fans everywhere. The film's surprising conclusion must be seen to be believed!


Company employee Toyama (played by Toshiyuki Someya) has been transferred from the provinces to Tokyo.
Toyama is not good at socializing, and thought he would be free to pursue a peaceful and anonymous existence in the big city. However, a chance encounter with the overfriendly Okazaki (played by Yuichi Nakamura), a man of similar age to himself, leads him to be taken, however reluctantly, to see Okazaki's apartment building.
There, he is enthusiastically welcomed by Ryoji (played by Ryo Iwamatsu) and Yoko (played by Jun Miho), the couple who own the building, and meets Mio (played by Erena Mizusawa), a beautiful tenant with a lonely look in her eyes.Toyama decides to rent an apartment there.
One day, he happens to see Mio and Okazaki arguing. Wild with anger, Okazaki says "I saw it, you know!" to Mio, who responds in an eerily calm way. Toyama begins to realize that something is not right in this apartment building. The next day, after urging Toyama to move out, Okazaki is found dead. This bizarre death prompts Toyama to begin investigating the building's residents with the help of work colleague Chika (played by Mariya Nagao).