KASANE -Beauty and Fate-

Original Title

累 かさね


Based on a comic book “KASANE” which published more than 1 million 800 thousand copies by Daruma Matsuura. Kasane Fuchi who her mother was a famous actress, had an incredible talent for acting but had a strong complex about her ugly appearance. On the contrary actress Nina Tanzawa was beautiful but wasn’t successful as an actress. And when they met, and Kasane had a magical lipstick that will makes the face switch by kissing, wheel of fate begins to spin.


As the daughter of legendary actress Sukeyo Fuchi (Rei Dan), Kasane (Kyoko Yoshine) is gifted with her mother's superior talent of acting. However, her appearance does not resemble that of her mother, and a big scar on her face has made her feel inferior. But her late mother left her a lipstick that is charmed with a mysterious power that can steal the "face" of the one who is kissed. On the other hand, Nina Tanzawa (Tao Tsuchiya) is a stage actress with remarkable beauty, but struggles to take center stage because of a reason she dares not to tell anyone. Her desperation to succeed as an actress grows by the day...
One day Kasane meets Nina through a man named Habuta (Tadanobu Asano) who had been under the help of Sukeyo in the past. "Beauty" and "talent"... The desire to fill their weaknesses has brought the two women together. The two decide to use the power of the lipstick and switch faces in order to fulfill their wishes.
"Nina Tanzawa" is now in the spotlight as the perfect actress, combining Nina's beauty and Kasane's talent. The two women have their desires fulfilled, until they both fall in love with a director named Ugo (You Yokoyama), which puts a crack in their secret partnership. The curtains rise on the love-hate relationship of two desperate actresses.