Original Title

Yakiniku Doragon

  • Release : Jun-22-2018
    Duration : 126min.


    Director : Yoshinobu Tei (YAKINIKU DRAGON)
    Original Story : Yoshinobu Tei
    Screenplay : Yoshinobu Tei (BLOOD AND BONES)


    Yoko Maki (Fly me to the Saitama)
    Mao Inoue (THE ETERNAL ZERO)
    Yo oizumi (New Interpretation Records of the Three Kingdoms)


Their bonds remain strong, even in the face of turbulent change.

A moving story for everyone trying to live life to the fullest.

The play “YAKINIKU DRAGON” produced by Wishing Chong captivated audiences and swept the awards, including the Asahi Performing Arts Grand Prix and Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Play. Encore performances were staged in 2011 and 2016 in response to overwhelming popular demand. The renowned playwright has also penned the screenplays for blockbuster films such as “All Under the Moon” and “BLOOD and BONES.” The film adaptation of “YAKINIKU DRAGON” will mark Wishing Chong’s directorial debut.

“YAKINIKU DRAGON” will feature a star-studded cast including Yoko Maki as the oldest sister Shizuka, Mao Inoue as the middle sister Rika and Nanami Sakuraba as the baby sister Mika. Yo Oizumi plays Tetsuo, a man who is married to Rika, but harbors secret feelings for Shizuka. Veteran Korean actors Kim Sang-Ho and Lee Jung-Eun play the mom and dad who watch over their children and boisterous customers with love and compassion.

“I want to tell a big story about a little Yakiniku restaurant” says director Wishing Chong. In his ode to life, Chong recreates 1970’s Japan in vivid detail and tells the story of warm people brimming with energy and the will to strive towards a better future.

“YAKINIKU DRAGON” ? Why you shouldn’t miss it!

Word of the play spread like wildfire following its 2008 debut, creating a buying frenzy for tickets. A viewer in Seoul was so overcome with emotion and had to be rushed to the hospital.
The play swept the awards, including the Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Play and the Asahi Performing Arts Grand Prix.
Wishing Chong wrote the screenplays for blockbuster films including “All Under the Moon”, “Begging for Love” and “BLOOD and BONES.” (All three films were winners of the Kinema Jumpo's Best Ten Screenplay Award) Now, the world-renowned playwright will make his “60-year-old directorial debut” in the film adaptation of his masterpiece, “YAKINIKU DRAGON”!


No matter what, we confronted life head on and lived life to the fullest.

The story takes place in 1970, the year of the Osaka's Expo '70, during the great economic boom in Japan.

Yakiniku Dragon is a small family-run BBQ restaurant on the outskirts of the Kansai area. The family of six consists of the patriarch Ryukichi, his wife Yong-Sun, his three daughters Shizuka, Rika and Mika, and his youngest son, Tokio. Ryukichi is a veteran who lost his left arm and his homeland in the war. He can never forget his painful past, but lives by his credo, “No matter what yesterday was like, tomorrow will be a better day.”

The restaurant is always bustling with boisterous “regulars” including Shizuka's childhood friend Tetsuo. Every day is filled with laughter and tears.

But even the powerful bonds holding “Yakiniku Dragon” together would be tested by the tides of change...