Original Title

Osanago warera ni umare


Kiyoshi Shigematsu, Naoki Prize winning author of “Tonbi” and “Ryusei Wagon” published a novel entitled “Osanago Warera ni Umare” (We’re Having a Baby) in 1996.
The human drama explores the meaning of “family” through the complex relationships between a 44-year-old man, his ex-wife, their daughter who lives with her mother, his current wife, her children from a previous marriage, and a new child they are about to bring into the world. Haruhiko Arai, who is known for his artful depictions of romantic relationships between men and women, will write the screenplay, and Yukiko Mishima, who has cultivated a passionate young female fan base through her work in “Shiawase no Pan”(Bread of Happiness) and “Budou no Namida”(A Drop of Grapevine), will direct the film. Tadanobu Asano who won the 2016 Asian Film Award for Best Supporting Actor will play the lead. He claims he took on the role because he is, in fact, in his 40’s. The film is a collaborative effort that spans generations and is expected to appeal to a wide age group.
While the novel was written 20 years ago, it encourages discussion of relevant and current “family” issues such as married couples with different surnames and gay marriage.


I am a 44-year-old man trying to build an ordinary family with my second wife and her two daughters from a previous marriage.
But when my wife becomes pregnant, the eldest stepdaughter becomes openly rebellious and insists that she wants to see her “real dad.” Admittedly, I, too, often compare her to my daughter from my previous marriage. Feeling stifled by my current family, I ask my wife to abort the baby…