Sihouette of Your Voice

Original Title

Hidamari ga kikoeru


Meeting Taichi slowly changes Kohei, who is reclusive and keeps to himself.
More than friends, but not quite lovers.

A live-action movie based on a popular up and coming comic “Hidamari ga kikoeru”, which depicts a delightful and bittersweet friendship between a deaf college student and his classmate. Despite it being the first work of Yuki Fumino, the comic has percolated around the web on SNS sites for its heartwarming storyline, and the sequel “Hidamari ga kikoeru - limit- ” is now drawing attention being featured as a series in a comic magazine “Canna”.

In the film adaptation, Hideya Tawada, known for his part in “Shuriken-sentai Nin-ninja”, plays the protagonist Kohei Sugihara, who is unsocial and has a hard time connecting to people due to his sudden-onset deafness. Akira Onodera, who starred in the movie “Daytime Shooting Star”, plays Taichi Sagawa, an active and compassionate best friend to Kohei. Ryo Mitsuya, starring in the TBS drama “Sanninno Papa ?Father of 3-”, plays Yoko, Taichi’s best friend. Other co-stars include Ami Yamazaki, as seen in “Zoomin!! Saturday”, playing Yoko’s cousin, Norihisa Hiranuma, known for his acting in “Tsuugaku Tochuu”, plays the teacher of the oral education class, Shinsho Nakamaru, of “Aibou”, plays the ENT doctor, and Reiko Takashima, most recently known for her part in “Will You Marry My Wife?”, plays the role of Kohei’s lovely mother. Directing is by Daisuke Kamijo, who succeeds in depicting the delicate emotions of the two friends and the beautiful word “hidamari” (“in the sun” in Japanese), as used in the title, with beautiful cinematography.


Being hearing impaired, Kohei Sugihara has a hard time fitting in when he starts college, and becomes reclusive. One day, he meets Taichi Sagawa, a cheery and upbeat classmate in the campus courtyard, and finds himself spending more and more time with him. Kohei is still afraid of being lonely, and continues to feel small and perverse after classmates make snide remarks and act awful towards him, but feels liberated after Taichi yells at him saying “it’s not your fault that you can’t hear!”. However, the closer he becomes to Kohei, he starts to feel a mix of emotions, of expectation and anxiety…