Original Title

Papa no obent? wa sekaiichi


A daughter posted a Tweet about her bento box lunch made by her father, which brought 350 thousands of people to tears on Twitter.
This is a heartwarming touching true story of the father and daughter who lived an ordinary life.
The father kept on making bento for his daughter through three years of high school, and she ate it for lunch everyday.
In the last bento in her high school days, she found a picture of “the very first bento that her father had made for her” with a handwritten message from him.
The father and the daughter, who were connected by bento lunch. The Tweet was retweeted more than 80 thousand times and got 260 thousand “likes.” This touching true story is now made into a film.
Toshimi Watanabe got his first starring role in this film. Rena Takeda played the daughter role.

The modest story of the father and daughter, made from a Tweet on Twitter, will surely bring tears to people’s eyes all over Japan.