Maniac Hero

Original Title

ヒーローマニア −生活−
H?r? mania: Seikatsu


Starring in this film is Masahiro Higashide, one of today's best young actors who exudes outstanding presence and enjoys wide popularity. His convincing, true-to-life portrayal of an unconventionally "incompetent, good-for-nothing protagonist" opens new possibilities for him as an actor. Also in the main cast are Masataka Kubota, another young star quickly gaining in popularity, and Nana Komatsu, a model and actress with a strong teen fanbase who has recently been expanding her horizons by appearing in a string of movies, TV dramas, and commercials. Furthermore, the veteran actor Tsurutaro Kataoka joins the stellar cast that radiates varied appeal in this new movie nearing completion.

Starring Masahiro Higashide, who goes all out in his first comedic role!

Masahiro Higashide made a spectacular acting debut in the movie The Kirishima Thing released in 2012. He has since made numerous appearances in TV series such as Amachan and Gochisosan the following year, movies and theatrical productions including Crows Explode, Blue Spring Ride, Parasyte Parts 1 and 2, and Gonin Saga, steadily widening his appeal. He takes on his first role in a comedy with Maniac Hero (Working Title).

The protagonist Hidetoshi Nakatsu, played by Higashide, is a former office worker now turned part-timer. He has no hope of getting ahead and is critical of the world around him. A certain incident occurs and Nakatsu forms a vigilante group that cleans up minor social ills. Higashide portrays a young man who gradually makes personal progress as the members' trust in one another grows stronger. Nakatsu is far from being a good fighter and has no exceptional abilities. The lazy and awkward character that displays an almost endearing level of incompetence is vastly different from the fine young men and rough types that Higashide has previously played. Although this is his first time in a comedy, he brilliantly expresses the distinctive pace and laid-back air of his character and fully displays a new side of his magnetism.

Masataka Kubota, Nana Komatsu, and Tsurutaro Kataoka - an unconventional combination of actors displays outstanding teamwork in this miraculous cast!

Masataka Kubota, whose fine performance in the TV series Death Note broadcast in the 2015 summer season remains fresh in viewers' minds, appears together with Masahiro Higashide for the first time. He has performed in many action movies that call for his outstanding physical abilities, and this time he portrays Makoto Toshida, a jobless young man who habitually steals women's lingerie. Toshida joins Nakatsu to form a vigilante group and although he is a man of few words, reliably administers justice to evildoers by making excellent use of the martial arts he has taught himself. Kubota plays this character mostly without stand-ins.

Also, Nana Komatsu, who is extremely popular mainly among high school girls, plays the group's only female member, Kaori Terasawa. Kaori joins Nakatsu and Toshida in their vigilante group and administers justice to evildoers by acting as the playmaker through her exceptional knack for gathering information. Komatsu gives a delightful performance as the resourceful heroine, displaying charmingly weird facial expressions at times, and radiates a refreshing energy along with her first-time co-stars Higashide and Kubota.

Joining the aforementioned Higashide, Kubota, and Komatsu, some of today's most sought-after and widely popular young actors, is the experienced Tsurutaro Kataoka. A multitalented entertainer with a distinctive presence, Kataoka has been active in many areas during his long career and his recent performance as one of the hero Riders in Kamen Rider Drive remains fresh in viewers' minds. He deftly handles the action scenes as Kusaka, a man armed with two hammers in his shirtsleeves who fights evil along with the other young members of the team.

The birth of a "hyper action entertainment" movie that will mark a new chapter in the history of Japanese cinema!

A new Japanese movie that will hold its own against the recent superhero movies enjoying success in Hollywood and around the world will be born!

Featuring ordinary people who try to improve society by punishing petty criminals and not characters with special powers or superhuman strength, this work will be presented as a "hyper action entertainment" movie that will be a fresh departure from previous Japanese movies.

Maniac Hero (Working Title) is studded with action scenes reminiscent of the movie Kick-Ass that became a blockbuster hit in Japan and around the world in 2010. It will surely become one the biggest hits in 2016!


Nakatsu (Higashide) is a part-timer working at a convenience store, who was fired from his previous full-time job as an office worker and has no hope of getting ahead. One day, he happens to meet Toshida (Kubota), an unemployed young man with bafflingly amazing physical abilities, Kaori (Komatsu), a high school student with an exceptional knack for gathering information, and Kusaka (Kataoka), who is an office worker on the brink of retirement by day and the "Youth Buster" by night. Together they form a vigilante group to protect the city and begin punishing petty criminals that society overlooks by hanging them up from high places to set an example. Their actions eventually gain public support and the vigilante group grows into a major organization.

Kusaka recruits Uno, a former homeless man, to serve as president and Tomoshibi Security Firm begins operation as a company that provides security services at a low price. However, some of the new recruits begin to use their position for personal gain and the order within the company gradually begins to fall apart. What will happen to Tomoshibi Security Firm and the original members of the vigilante group? The situation heads to a totally unexpected conclusion.