Poison Berry in my Brain

Original Title

Nounai poizun ber?


Setona Mizushiro, creator of Heartbroken Chocolatier, depicts the meetings that take place inside a 30-year-old woman's brain!
Yoko Maki is the troubled 30-year-old woman and Hidetoshi Nishijima is the flustered Chairman in her head.

A movie based on the comic by Setona Mizushiro of Heartbroken Chocolatier, famed for its depiction of the heroine's devilish charm, Poison Berry in My Mind is an eccentric love story being simultaneously serialized in the comic magazine Cocohana, popular among women in their 30s. Yearning to fall in love and get married, but unwilling to get hurt. Such realistic emotions of a troubled and lost 30-year-old woman are depicted through the personified characters of 5 ways of thinking in this unprecedented work of entertainment that unfolds inside a woman's brain.


The protagonist, Ichiko Sakurai, is 30 years old. She quit her company job and currently makes a living writing cellphone novels. But she isn't particularly interested in pursuing a career as a novelist and passes her days like a rootless wanderer.

One day, she happens to run into Saotome (Yuuki Furukawa), a younger man she had fancied ever since they met at a drinking party. While Ichiko is thrilled about the "fortunate reunion," all hell breaks loose inside her head. "Talk to him!" "No way he remembers you." "There's no data of past experiences approaching guys…" "How exciting!" A meeting starts inside her brain again.

Yoshida (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is the Chairman of the meeting, the voice of Reason. He settles the meeting that spirals out of control because of Ishibashi (Ryunosuke Kamiki) the Positive, Ikeda (Yo Yoshida) the Negative, Mr. Kishi (Kazuyuki Asano) who handles Memory, and Hatoko (Hiyori Sakurada) in charge of Impulse, and Ichiko gathers up the courage to talk to Saotome. The two end up going out to dinner together, and the situation takes an unexpected turn.

Ichiko had been hurt in a past relationship and had locked up the bad experience inside her mind. She wants to fall in love and to get married, but doesn't want to get hurt. Where does her true "happiness" lie? Ichiko is troubled and lost. Will the members inside her brain help her choose the path that leads to happiness?

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