a stitch of life

Original Title

Tsukuroi tatsu hito


Welcome to la maison de couture Minami
Based on the original manga “Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito” Volumes 1-5 by Aoi Ikebe (serialized in “Hatsukisu” - Kodansha)

A “special” dress for your life.

The shop was a landmark on top of a hill overlooking a town in Kobe. It was in an old, western-style house with a small sign hanging outside that read, ” la maison de couture Minami.” The creations of its owner, Ichie Minami, were always in demand -- one-of-a-kind pieces sewn by hand the old-fashioned way, with unparalleled craftsmanship and style. Fujii, who worked for a department store in Kobe, approached Ichie, trying to convince her to create her own brand. But “like a stubborn, old man,” the proprietress was not interested and could not be persuaded. She would continue to honor the legacy of her grandmother, from whom she inherited the business, and only remake, resize and replicate a few of her predecessor’s designs. Still, Ichie’s pieces were “unique creations that lasted a lifetime” and were loved by her clients for their grace and nobility. But only Fujii, who continued to call on Ichie day after day, discovered her secret passion. And eventually, his words began to move her heart…

Director Yukiko Mishima of “BREAD OF HAPPINESS” joins forces with actress Miki Nakatani to bring the blockbuster and delicated manga to the screen.

Director Yukiko Mishima has always highlighted different crafts in her films. This time, her lens will capture the theme of “couture.” She had always wanted to make a film about a “couturier” or “dressmaker” who created clothes that moved people. Fate brought Mishima and the popular manga “Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito” by Aoi Ikebe together, and a film adaptation was agreed upon. Miki Nakatani signed on to play the heroine. She shared Director Mishima’s vision, remarking, “I was drawn to the character Ichie, who created “dresses to dream in.” The star-studded cast includes Takahiro Miura, Hairi Katagiri, Haru Kuroki, Hana Sugisaki as well as veterans Mie Nakao, Masatoh Ibu and Kimiko Yo. The film was shot entirely in Kobe. The exotic, atmospheric townscape enhanced the beautiful fashions that came to life on the screen.

To live a simple life, doing only what you love takes courage and passion. But what could be more fulfilling? Bring joy to your life. Come visit la maison de couture Minami.