My Blood & Bones in a flowing Galaxy

Original Title

Kudakechiru Tokoro O Misete Ageru


From Yuyuko Takemiya, known for creating the original works on which the anime Toradora! and Golden Time are based, comes My Blood & Bones in a flowing Galaxy. Garnering unprecedented rave reviews from prominent critics, the live-action version of the book that was hailed as "a masterpiece that shows us new possibilities in a novel" is finally here.
Playing protagonist Kiyosumi Hamada is the winner of the best newcomer award at the Japan Academy Film Prize for Kids on the Slope and Lock-On Love, Taishi Nakagawa, who gained nationwide popularity with NHK’s morning drama serial Natsuzora (Summer Sky). Playing heroine Hari Kuramoto is Anna Ishii, who, while a member of the musical group E-girls, won the Blue Ribbon Awards for Best Newcomer for Solomon's Perjury and Girls Step. In addition to a tremendous cast of young supporting actors (Takumi Kitamura, Kai Inowaki, Kaya Kiyohara, Airi Matsui), a troupe of splendid performers like Shinichi Tsutsumi, Tomoyo Harada, Akiko Yada, and Hana Kino also lend their support. Then, drawing out these challenging performances from his two leads is SABU, who directed Chasuke's Journey, Bunny Drop, and jam. His screenwriting has earned him high praise at overseas film festivals in places like Berlin and Moscow, and here he shows how his talents have deepened and evolved. Even though there are times when many suffer in life, love can always save them from despair. This is a story that gives us hope in living for today.


A story about unlikely love that shatters accepted wisdom.
Typical high-schooler Kiyosumi Hamada tries to rescue solitary Hari Kuramoto -- called the "most hated student in the junior year" -- from being bullied. Kiyosumi is aware of Hari's charm and the beauty of her mind, Hari is grateful to Kiyosumi and admires him, and the two of them are gradually closing the distance between their hearts. And yet, Hari has a secret she dares not tell anyone. Even for Kiyosumi, who wants nothing but to protect Hari, a terrible danger is coming...