God Tongue Kiss Pressure Game The Moive 2 -Psychic Love

Original Title

ゴッドタン キス我慢選手権 THE MOVIE 2 サイキック・ラブ
God Tongue: Kiss gaman senshuken The Movie 2 Psychic Love

  • God Tongue Kiss Pressure Game The Moive 2 -Psychic Love
  • Release : Oct-17-2014
    Duration : 117min.


    Director : Nobuyuki Sakuma (God Tongue - Kiss Pressure Game THE MOVIE)
    Screenplay : Hayashi Mori (Saki)
    Screenplay : Nobuyuki Sakuma


    Shogo Kawashima (REBIRTH)
    Hiroaki Ogi (Project Dreams - How to Build Mazinger Z's Hangar)
    Ken Yahagi (God Tongue - Kiss Pressure Game THE MOVIE)


In June 2013, a segment on a late-night TV variety show was miraculously made into a motion picture film. Although it was a limited release, the movie came in at No. 15 in the weekend box office ranking, and when the Blu-ray & DVD came out it became No. 1 in the Amazon Best Sellers ranking for the Comedy Movies category.
A year and four months has passed since then, and hot on the heels of the first movie, the second in the series, God Tongue Kiss Pressure Game The Movie 2: Psychic Love, is set for release. This is not a sequel of the first movie, but a record of "Mr. Kiss Pressure" Gekidan Hitori's (Shogo Kawashima) journey to a brand-new world.
“The Kiss Pressure Game” is one of the most popular and well-known segments on God Tongue, the late-night variety show on TV Tokyo. Comedians are thrown into a certain situation and are required to improvise an act while they resist kissing the sexy actresses who tempt them. If they manage to hold out for an hour, their mission is accomplished. Gekidan Hitori’s talent blossomed in this segment that challenges the participants’ endurance and ad-lib capabilities. With his amazing ability to immerse himself into the role, to grasp and respond to the situation, and to come up with brilliant lines to let the story unfold, he kept pushing up the scale and intensity of his games. His performance culminated in the epic story of the first movie God Tongue Kiss Pressure Game The Movie, in which he resisted kissing for 24 hours.
God Tongue Kiss Pressure Game The Movie 2: Psychic Love is set in a high school. Shogo Kawashima, a super student who excels in sports and studies, resists kissing for 24 hours while being knocked about in a world controlled by an unknown entity. The thrill of this series is watching how Gekidan Hitori, who knows nothing about the story or which actors will appear, completely ad-lib his responses in a realm that the other professional actors have created by learning the setting and lines by heart through multiple rehearsals.

Junpei Yasui plays the Hitori's best friend who leads the way through this world. Yasui is the former member of the comedy duo Ac-Cian who began his career as a comedian around the same time as Gekidan Hitori. He currently belongs to the theater company Ikiume and has hit his stride as an actor, winning the award for outstanding actor in the 21st Yomiuri Theater Awards among other accolades. A supporting cast of talented young actors including Seiji Fukushi, Akiyoshi Nakao, and Tokio Emoto devoted every spare moment to meticulous rehearsals to respond to Hitori's improvisations that often go beyond our imaginations. Also, Shigeyuki Totsugi of Team Nacs and Masato Irie make appearances as researchers in a mysterious laboratory, Yoshimasa Kondo as the lab director, and Hideaki Ito gives an enthusiastic performance as a teacher with his outstanding presence dominating the screen. Top-notch in both popularity and skill, the sexy actresses Ai Uehara, Minami Kojima, and Marina Shiraishi try to steal kisses from Hitori.
Familiar faces from God Tongue such as Tokyo 03, Makita Sports, Sanshiro and other comedians make appearances for the enjoyment of the fans of the TV show. Needless to say, the main hosts of the show Ogiyahagi and Bananaman watch over Gekidan Hitori's performance in the monitoring room, cleverly acting as navigators for the audience by promptly comprehending the intents of Hitori's ad-libs and reacting to them with bursts of laughter and tsukkomi comments.
Since retakes were impossible due to the improvisational nature of the movie, ten-odd cameras were rolled simultaneously to pursue and capture Hitori's every move. This system of shooting could be called a major innovation in cinematic history. Within the constraints of a limited budget, the amount of gunpowder and explosive devices used in this movie was increased from the first film as can be seen in the consecutive explosions and burning body stunts. The production team focused on creating footage that went beyond the bounds of improvisational shooting.
Nobuyuki Sakuma, the producer/director of God Tongue, will once again direct the movie. He is well up on "what should be done to drive Gekidan Hitori into a corner to draw out his best ad-libs," and also co-wrote the screenplay for this film.
"Sex appeal, check. Action, check. Time travel, check. The do-or-die ad-libbing showdown that no one has ever seen will commence!"
One final note. When he finished shooting this movie, Gekidan Hitori commented, "It was the best kiss of my life. I don't think I'll experience a better kiss than that ever again." We ask that you check out what he meant by his profound comment at the theaters.


Gekidan Hitori, wearing a blue sport coat, is taken to a certain location and removes his blindfold. He finds himself standing on the landing of a stairway. Guided by Ai (Ai Uehara), a high school girl clad in a tattered uniform, he emerges on the roof of a building where people are fallen everywhere covered in blood.
Junpei (Junpei Yasui) tells the bewildered Hitori, "Shogo, run!" But Ai, manipulated by a man wearing a mask, uses psychic powers to control and immobilize them.

Then, Shogo is killed. The sudden death of the protagonist at the beginning of the story is the most mysterious opening in the history of "The Kiss Pressure Game," and the hosts watching from the monitoring room can't hide their bewilderment, either.
Meanwhile, at a certain research laboratory, researchers Kobayashi (Shigeyuki Totsugi) and Seki (Masato Irie) are looking at monitors and conversing, using terms such as "program," "target," "forced termination," "experimental subjects," and "cold sleep." When Shogo awakens, he finds himself on the bed in the high school nurse's room. After enjoying the sexy advances of the school nurse, he witnesses Ai unleashing psychic powers when bullied by a group of delinquents. The teacher in charge of the Scientific Experiment Club (Hideaki Ito) plots to bring Ai's powers under control to sell her off for a good price while treating her older brother Seiji (Seiji Fukushi) like a dropout psychic, which causes him to harbor resentment towards the teacher.
Shogo is taken to the power development room, where his dormant psychic powers awaken through Minami-senpai's sexy training session. A gunshot rings out, and Shogo runs up to the roof while fighting off soldiers parading about the school building. On the roof, Mr. Ito stands pointing a gun at Seiji. Seeing her older brother in danger, Ai unleashes her powers. In the ensuing chaos, Seiji tells Shogo to shoot the teacher, and Shogo pulls the trigger in spite of himself. Then, prompted by Seiji, Shogo lies down inside a cold sleep machine.
Five years later, Shogo is awakened from cold sleep in an abandoned factory by Junpei and Tokio (Tokio Emoto), who are armed and clad in combat uniforms. A man called the "Masked Man" wields great power over the world that has fallen into ruin. Junpei and Tokio are fighting back to subjugate the enemy, and are regarded as rebels.
As Shogo's comrades are forced into dire straits, Minami's research reveals that he possesses the ability to control others by kissing them. And the only clue they have to save the world is Ai.
Will Shogo kiss Ai to change the world? And how is the mysterious laboratory linked to this world? The ending of the movie is completely unpredictable!