KANZABURO the movie

Original Title

映画 中村勘三郎
Eiga: Nakamura Kanzaburo

  • KANZABURO the movie
  • Release : Dec-21-2013
    Duration : 95min.


    Director : Tsukuru Matsuki (KANZABURO the movie)


    Kanzaburo Nakamura (KANZABURO the movie)


Documentary of Kanzaburo Nakamura

Twenty years of intimate coverage and prolific film footage reveal the essence of Kanzaburo Nakamura.
What was the inspiration for this world-renowned kabuki extraordinaire? What was his message for future generations?

What drove this extraordinary kabuki actor?
What was his message?
He gave his life to kabuki. What did he accomplish?

Thoughtfully selected scenes from thousands of hours of footage offer insight into the true essence of a historical legend.

Kanzaburo will never die…because his heart lives on in those who follow.

The film opens with his words...

“I want to keep running and dreaming until the day I die.”


Kabuki actor Kanzaburo Nakamura XVIII died suddenly on December 5, 2012.
His life was chronicled over five decades, beginning with his kabuki debut in 1959 at the age of three.
-His dedication to the traditional Japanese art form of kabuki as a legacy to future generations.
-His determination to push the boundaries of innovation through collaborations with modern playwrights to capture the hearts of young audiences.
-His struggle to instill into his two sons the spirit of kabuki, as both father and mentor.
Over 7,000 hours of footage document his life, both on stage as a kabuki actor and in the privacy of his home.