The Liar and His Lover

Original Title

Kanojo wa uso o aishisugiteiru

  • The Liar and His Lover
  • Release : Dec-14-2013
    Duration : 117min.


    Director : Norihiro Koizumi (CHIHAYAFURU)
    Original Story : Kotomi Aoki (I Give My First Love to You)
    Cinematography : Hiroo Yanagida (Love Me, Love Me Not)


    Takeru Satoh (Rurouni Kenshin)
    Shohei Miura (Daytime Shooting Star)
    Masataka Kubota (Tokyo Ghoul)


At the beginning, I had no feelings for her whatsoever.
It was all lies.
But even if I was a habitual liar, she said I was an “honest person.”
She smiles and pretends that she doesn't notice.
I never stood a chance.

Two of Kotomi Aoki’s best-selling comics “Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru” (I’m In Love With
My Sister) and “Boku No Hatsukoi o Kimi Ni Sasagu” (I Give My First Love To You) have
been adapted to film. Now, her new manga series “Kanojo Wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru” (The
Girl Who Loved Lies) which has already sold over 2.9 million copies (11 volumes to date) is
also slated for the big screen. The protagonist, Aki Ogasawara, will be played by one of
Japan’s leading drama and film talents, Takeru Sato. This will be his first love story.
Members of Aki’s popular band, CRUDE PLAY, include up and coming stars such as Shohei
Miura. The heroine, Riko Koeda will be played by Sakurako Ohara, a fresh, new talent who
was selected from an audition pool of over 5,000.
The director of the film is Norihiro Koizimi, who also directed “Taiyo No Uta” (Song of the
Sun), a heartrending love story in which Koizumi cast the new vocal sensation YUI in the
leading role. Koizumi moved audiences with a climactic singing scene featuring YUI. The
musical numbers in “Kanojo Wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru” were produced by Seiji Kameda,
ex-bassist of the band Tokyo Jihen. The collaborative efforts of this dynamic cast and crew
will bring the ultimate love story to life.
Their love song will give you the courage to fall in love...


Aki Ogasawara is the creative talent behind the popular band “CRUDE PLAY.”He quit the
band just before their debut, but continues to write their music. But lately, he’s been
disenchanted with the music business and bored with himself.
On a whim, he starts up a conversation with a total stranger, Riko Koeda, a high school
student and a die-hard CRUDE PLAY fan.
“Do you believe in love at first sight?”
With no idea who he really is, Riko falls in love with Aki and his song.
Aki begins dating Riko but keeps his CRUDE PLAY identity a secret...
But everything changes when, by sheer coincidence, Soichiro Takagi, producer of CRUDE
PLAY and female pop diva Mari, discovers Riko and her schoolmates Yuichi Kimijima and
Sota Yamazaki playing music on the street, and decides to promote them as a new indie
band “MUSH & CO.”
Riko is a rare, gifted singer with a voice unlike any other.
Will Aki and Riko’s romance stand a chance in the glamorous world of music?