The God Of Ramen

Original Title

R?men yori taisetsuna mono

  • The God Of Ramen
  • Release : Jun-8-2013
    Duration : 90min.


    Director : Takashi Innami (The God Of Ramen)


    Kazuo Yamagishi (The God Of Ramen)


People wait in line for over two hours for just one bowl of ramen…
The legendary ramen shop “East Ikebukuro Taishoken.”
Proprietor, Kazuo Yamagishi, has tended this shop for 50 years.
Why makes his ramen so special?
Why is Taishoken beloved by so many?
The story is not only about his pursuit of the perfect blend of flavors. It’s about his life, love and the strong bond he shares with the people he believes in.

Fuji TV’s “The Nonfiction” 3 episode documentary that fascinated viewers and won the Silver Screen Award at the US International Film & Video Festival is being adapted to film.
Compiled from over ten years of documentary footage, the film incorporates beautiful scenery from Yamagishi’s hometown in Nagano and is enhanced by the “savory” narration of noted ramen lover Shosuke Tanihara, and the beautiful ending theme song written by Joe Hisaishi. It captures both the light and dark sides of the life of the celebrated ramen chef Kazuo Yamagishi to reveal a uniquely moving story.

Witness the revival of Japan’s most treasured ramen made by the “god of ramen” on the big screen!


This story isn’t about ramen.
It’s the true story of a man who nourished people’s souls. A way of life called “Taishoken.”

The story begins in Yamanouchi Town in the Shiga Highlands, northern Nagano Prefecture.
The origins of Kazuo Yamagishi, “the god of ramen.”

“East Ikebukuro Taishoken” is known for its endless lines.
In 2001, cameras were allowed into an establishment that boasted 50 years of history.

The modest shop in the back of an alley was buzzing with activity -- with customers waiting in line, regulars who came to eat and help out on a daily basis and apprentices crammed into the tiny kitchen. The apprentices aren’t there just to learn the secret of his ramen. Without exception, they agree the main reason people flock to Taishoken is “the boss.” They’re all drawn to his unique personality.
Touted as a legend and adored by its fans, East Ikebukuro Taishoken seemed to be free of worries.
But deep within Kazuo Yamagishi’s heart lay a darkness that could not escape the camera.

It revealed truths that Yamagishi had kept hidden for years. He was carrying a heavy physical and emotional burden. He had locked up memories of his wife and childhood friend, who supported him for 25 of the 50 years he had dedicated to ramen. He suffered from a series of debilitating medical issues that slowly eroded his ability to work. What drove him to go on making ramen…?