One in a Hundred Thousand

Original Title

Juumanbun no Ichi

  • One in a Hundred Thousand
  • Release : Nov-27-2020
    Duration : 112min.


    Director : Koichiro Miki (EVERGREEN LOVE)
    Original Story : Kaho Miyasaka


    Yuna Taira
    Mio Yuki (KISS HIM, NOT ME!)


1 out of 100,000 ? a very cruel but joyful fate
A film dedicated to all ALS patients...
1/100,000 is the latest manga series by Kaho Miyasaka, the master of pure love stories and the author of numerous bestsellers, such as Kare First Love and We Came to Know It.
1/100,000 was launched on Shogakukan’s comic magazine Cheese! and was published as standalone volumes (tankobon) in January
2016. After being introduced on website “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (this manga is amazing) WEB,” the poignant story immediately caught fire, and its sales reached 1.2 million copies.
The series consists of 9 volumes (already published). Over 1.2 million copies in
circulation/print! A live-action adaptation of the “most tear-jerking manga”!
The title “1/100,000” refers to the incidence of the disease. This film wistfully yet positively depicts a girl in love who suffers from a rare disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS).


Rino Sakuragi is an assistant on the boys’ kendo team and has a huge crush on one of the team members, Ren Kiritani, who’s been a good friend for many years. Rino has no confidence in herself, both mentally and physically, and feels self-conscious around the popular Ren. “I don’t mind just being his friend. I don’t want him to know the real me and be rejected...” She tries to talk herself out of it, but Kiritani says things that keep her hopes alive... “I can’t stop how I feel about him! I want him to know me as I truly am. But I need the courage to be myself around the guy I like so much...” The lovestruck Rino still doesn’t know about the disease eating away at her body...
Rino’s feelings she harbored for two years are reciprocated, and she and Kiritani become a couple. They spend time together, call each other by their first names, and kiss for the first time... Everything is new and exciting and fun for the two young lovers. But one day, despite the joy that fills her heart, Rino’s body gives out on her, and she collapses in front of Kiritani.
Although Rino is supported by her group of tight-knit friends that include Kiritani, her best friend Chihiro, and Sho Hinase, another member of the kendo team, she slowly but surely loses control of her hands and legs. The name of her disease is ALS. As Rino and Kiritani’s love for each other deepens, Rino’s body becomes increasingly immobile.
What will become of their love?